Volksbank Sollingen Branch Installs HeartSine Defibrillator

Volksbank Sollingen’s Bodenfelde, Germany branch has installed a lifesaving HeartSine samaritan® automated external defibrillator (AED). The device will be placed near the bank’s entrance and accessible to all residents of Bodenfelde in the event of a life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency.

Local government official, Christian Rohner, feels that the HeartSine AED is a useful addition to the community and is relieved that the nearby residents will now have easy access to an AED. The bank agreed that installing the AED was a great idea, as it can be used by untrained bystanders to increase the survival rate for SCA up to 75 percent by delivering a lifesaving shock within the first few minutes of an attack. After 10 minutes, typical SCA survival rates drop to zero, further illustrating the importance of having easy and quick access to an AED.

Volksbank Solling recently held a public information session about the new HeartSine defibrillator.

The AED was installed by HeartSine German distributor, MedX5.

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