Volksbank’s Berge Branch Installs a Lifesaving HeartSine AED


(L to R): Herbert Niemann, a board member of the Volksbank Osnabrücker Nordland, Bernhard Biermann, Chairman of the German Red Cross local association, Erika Bertke from handwork circle of KFD, Mayor Volker Brandt, and Gerd Lindlage, branch manager of Berger Volksbank. Photo: Nele Hermes.

Volksbank Osnabrücker Nordland in Berge, Germany has recently installed a lifesaving HeartSine samaritan® automated external defibrillator (AED) near the entrance area of the bank. Funds for this defibrillator were raised by the handwork group KFD of Berge, the Volksbank Osnabrücker Nordland, and the community German Red Cross of Berge. This AED will be easily accessible at the self-service counter near the entrance area of the bank, should it be needed in the event of a life-threatening sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The Mayor, Volker Brandt, explains that the defibrillator is easy to handle, with the device guiding the user through the process from the second it is turned on. Brandt is glad that the local residents feel safer since the installation of the AED.

During a SCA, typically after 10 minutes, survival rates drop to zero, therefore it is vital that an AED is easily accessible during a cardiac emergency.

The AED was installed by HeartSine German distributor, Medx5.

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